Easy to Implement Boundary Integral Equations

deltaBEM is a MATLAB-based suite for 2-D numerical computing with the boundary element method on smooth geometries and open arcs. It achieves third order accuracy by using simple kernel evaluations with no assembly required. The potentials and operators of the Calderón Projector for Laplace, Helmholtz, as well as the steady state and time-harmonic linear elasticity equations are included. The package mimics the underlying Calderón Calculus at the discrete level so that most well-posed boundary integral equations can be discretized in a simple minded form.

deltaBEM was developed by Team Pancho at the Deparment of Mathematical Sciences in Delaware 

NEWS: Time domain Convolution Quadrature based routines now available!

The research leading to the deltaBEM suite has been partially funded by the National Science Foundation through the grant NSF-DMS 1216356. Numerical simulation and analysis of transient waves in unbounded domains.